The Rayfield's


Summer Newsletter


      I would like to start out this letter by thanking each and every person who gave or helped in our spring Hope For Kentucky. God blessed and we were able to minister in two schools this spring by unrestictedly preaching the gospel of Jesus and also by showing his love through the Hope Packages. Each time we visit I like to tell the kids that inside the big boxes we deliver the Hope Packages in, are presents Jesus sent them from heaven because he loves them. So many of these kids have lived lives thinking no one loves them or cares about them because everyone in their lives have at some point walked out on them.          

.    We have had some major changes in our life since the last newsletter. First we accepted the position of Associate Pastor of Setzer Creek Baptist Church in the spring of the year. This has allowed us the oportunity and enabled us to work in evangilism more than ever being part of our duties here is outreach and evangilism. This will not change our mission or ministry. Also within the past month we have anounced that we are exspecting another baby in March so please be in prayer for Lauren and the baby.

.      In October we plan to return to Kentucky yet again to share the love of God as winter weather will be opening up the door because of the need for winter clothing.  This trip we will be preparing the Hope Packages by taking socks, gloves, hats, a can of soup, a gospel track and a cd all in a rolled up blanket. We will also be take a semi-truck with non parishable food items to add in the back pack program the school sponsers. Finallly during the days, Friday/Saturday, that we are there, we will be helping with some maintance on the school and play ground. As usual we will be allowed full liberty to preach the Gospel to each class before we give out the Hope Packages..

      If you or your church is lead by God, we would greatly appricate any help you may be able to offer. There are different ways you can help such as ; love offerings, food and supply collections, prayer, and/or delivering the Hope Packages and working in the school when we travel up in October. If you are lead to add in this fall trip please notify us by October 8th.  We thank you for your prayers in advance and we will keep you in ours as well.  .

Items for collection:.

Blankets Child and Teen Gloves .

Child and Teen Socks .

Child and Teen Winter Hats .

Can Soup and non-parishable food items


 In the Love of Christ

 Casey Rayfield.

 Asst. Pastor Setzer Creek Baptist Chu